Terms of Service

  1. Shipping Policy
    Please refer to our Shipping Policy page.
  2. Exchange Policy
    Please refer to our Exchange Policy page.
  3. Privacy Policy
    Please refer to our Privacy Policy page.
  4. Age Restriction
    Under the law of Hong Kong, we will not sell any intoxicating liquor products to minors below the age of 18 years. If our delivery company is in any doubt about the age of the recipient at delivery, they will request valid ID proof. If the recipient is unable to provide, our delivery company with sufficient proof we refuse to leave the delivery as planned. Per our delivery policy, it will become the customer’s responsibility, to complete the delivery request including payment of additional costs incurred.
  5. Limitation of Liability

    Under no circumstance whatsoever shall Flavour of Life Limited or any affiliates, directors, officers or employees (together, the “Company”) be liable for special or consequential damages including loss of business, and in no event shall any liability of the Company exceed the purchase price of any product purchased.

    Flavour of Life Limited will not be liable for loss or damage caused by the customer's handling of the product, especially due to spillage or breakage.

    Flavour of Life Limited will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by us, our employees, and / or 3rd parties in circumstances where:
    • Loss or damage was not foreseeable to both parties when the order / contract was formed.
    • Loss or damage was not caused by any breach on the part of the supplier.
    • Loss or damage relates to other non-related business and/or non-customers.

    Customers should also be aware of the following inherent risks and warnings:
    • Once a carton of product is ordered, we recommend to transfer bottles at 1 time to avoid any breakage to occur.
    • Any Nama (Fresh) Sake or Opened Sake must be kept refrigerated at all times to avoid spoilage.