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宝船 磨6 純米吟釀 / Takarabune Migaki 6

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特性 / Introduction:

在荻市,6間酒造聯同了當地的農家組成了「荻酒米磨協同組合」,英文名稱是Hagi Sake Rice Polishing Association。這些農家於萩市內種植山田錦,並予以加工(包括晒乾、評級及打磨)。有關加工工序於萩市場的工場進行,而所生產的米是全部提供給組合內的酒造使用的。這舉動為萩市的GI萩市地方認證(GI Hagi)帶來了重大的貢獻。貢獻在於所使用的米粒均是完全能遡源,所有人都清楚知道所選用的米是本地生產的。此外,米的供應變得穩定,有助控制價格,農家的收入亦得以提升。
組合除了舉辦當地清酒節外 ,還邀請清酒愛好者參加 「みがき6」 項目。 由六家釀酒造釀造高質量的山田錦,他們一起種植和收穫。每年輪流由六家酒造釀制一款不同的请酒。組合正在全國范圍內推廣所有萩阿武清酒。

In Hagi, the six local breweries have united with local farmers to create the Hagi Sakamai Migaki Kyodo Kumiai (萩酒米磨き協同組合), or the Hagi Sake Rice Polishing Association. They grow Yamadanishiki in the Hagi area, then process (dry, grade, and polish) it locally at a Hagi facility for use by the sake breweries. This has been valuable in establishing the Hagi GI, because it allows for 100% traceability in the sake rice so that everyone knows all of the rice used was grown locally. It also allows for more stable supplies, cost control, and more income for farmers.

In addition to holding local sake festivals, the group invites sake lovers to participate in the "みがき6" project. High-quality Yamada Nishiki is grown and harvested together with the 6 breweries. Each year, one of the six leads the brewing to accentuate Hagi sake nationwide.

In 2021, the 3rd edition was produced by Nakamura Shuzou, which is famous for it's brand "Takarabune". The sake brings a fresh fruity aroma, which is extremely suitable for every cuisine. 

特定名稱 / Tokutei Meisho Shu 純米吟釀 / Junmai Ginjo
米種 / Rice 山田錦 / Yamada Nishiki
產區 / Origin 山口縣 / Yamaguchi
精米步合 / Rice Polishing Ratio 50%
酒精濃度 / ABV 15.6%
容量 / Volume 720ml