Fukui Yahei Shoten

Flavor and brand vision

Haginotsuyu is a traditional brewery which is evolving with the times. There have been an infusion of new brew masters over the years bringing new ideas to the brewery and enticing new customers to drink sake. New interesting labels and flavors fruity white wine-like (Gemini Spica) sake to rich full body sake warm sake this brewery is constantly experimenting to expand it’s extensive line.

Techniques and style

The brewery has multiple brewers from traditional to new age styles of sake. It is characterized by having products that tend to be semi dry to dry. It extensively uses traditional methods of sake making like ‘mizu-jikomi’ to create award-winning sub-brands such as Amadare ishi wo ugatsu (十水仕込 雨垂れ石を穿つ)


Locally sourced rice from Shiga for majority of its products. Limited or specialty products utilize more rare Special A or Aiyama is directly sourced from Hyogo prefecture.

Recommended temperatures and pairing

Haginotsuyu has a broad range of service temperatures from chilled to warm but is more well known for its sake best served chilled or warm sake.


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