Nakamura Shuzo

Flavor and brand vision

Nakamura Shuzo is a particularly old-fashioned brewery that creates rich, sweet sake in the old Yamaguchi way. Nakamura is also a seaside brewery, and has long been favored by local Hagi fishermen who ply the rough, cold sea of Japan

Techniques and style

Nakamura’s sake is all aimed at preserving traditional Yamaguchi flavor, so it focuses on rich rice umami and koji-based sweetness. The small-batch, hand-intensive production process remains unchanged since the current brewer’s grandfather’s day.


Nakamura uses only Yamaguchi grown rice, focusing on Hagi-area producers. It is part of the Hagi GI region.

Recommended temperatures and pairing

Takarabune is a richly flavored ginjo class sake, so it does well chilled, even over ice, and also offers another range of enjoyment heated to around 40 degrees. Try it with seafood dishes and hotpots.

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