Iwasaki Shuzo

Flavor and brand vision

Iwasaki Shuzo owner/head brewer Kiichiro Iwasaki is one of the leading figures in Hagi’s sake rice growing initiatives, and as such he is hyper-focused on rice in his sake. He seeks to center Choyo Fukumusume on Hagi rice flavor to explore the potentials of GI Hagi. His goal is clarity of flavor that pairs well with a variety of food.

Techniques and style

Choyo Fukumusume is a traditionally hand-made sake that fits well into the Hagi culinary tradition. The brewery is in the city center, as well, and is a common stop while strolling around Hagi’s old town.


All of Iwasaki Shuzo’s rice is Yamaguchi grown except for the Omachi, and a major percentage is grown within Hagi city.

Recommended temperatures and pairing

Choyo Fukumusume is a firm structured rice-forward Hagi sake, so it is suitable to enjoying at a wide range of temperatures. It pairs well with Hagi seafood like black-throated perch.

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