Okazaki Shuzo

Flavor and brand vision

Chomonkyo sake is built around offering a drier style of Hagi flavor. Traditionally, Hagi sake tended toward the sweet, but Okazaki bucks that trend to offer rich, dry flavor across their lineup.

Techniques and style

Chomonkyo’s brewery is a fascinating structure, with all of their facilities apart from bottling and koji in one large room. This allows for a very smooth production process, and a very interesting sight!


All of Okazaki’s rice except for Omachi is sources locally, mostly within the Hagi area and conforms to the Hagi GI.

Recommended temperatures and pairing

Chomonkyo’s drier expression makes it much more amenable to warmer drinking, although the daiginjo is best chilled. Pair the daiginjo with sushi or light fish dishes, but the lower classes are great with meatier, spicier food.

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