Flavor and brand vision

Nakashimaya is a traditional sake brewery that maintains old-fashioned techniques in high-quality Yamaguchi sake. They particularly value matured sake, and regularly win awards for their aged kimoto sake.

Techniques and style

Nakashimaya uses the traditional, labor intensive Kimoto brewing method for its entire Kanenaka line, and all of its sublabels—Kotobuki, Kanenaka, and Nakashimaya—use small-batch, hand-made techniques for traditional flavor.


All of Nakashimaya’s rice is locally sourced from Yamaguchi farmers.

Recommended temperatures and pairing

Kotobuki Junmai Daiginjo is the brewery’s pinnacle brew, and best served mildly chilled to enjoy the elegant aromas and smooth, fruity ginjo flavors. Try with delicately flavored dishes of fish.

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