Murashige Shuzo

Flavor and brand vision

Kinkan Kuromatsu is Murashige Shuzo’s standard label, and the most traditional of its lineup. It brings traditional Yamaguchi sweetness to big-boned umami-forward sake.

Techniques and style

Murashige Shuzo has recently cut back on production due to a change in brewing team, and has refocused on yeast—its Eight Knot series uses the very rare #8 strain of yeast, and the Murashige line focuses on the Yamaguchi-only #9E to help create unique local flavors.


Murashige Shuzo sources its rice in Yamaguchi, and uses both super-soft water from the Nishiki river’s underground aquifer and hard water from a nearby natural spring for a variety of different styles.

Recommended temperatures and pairing

Kinkan Kuromatsu is a very full-flavored sake, so it can be enjoyed chilled or even over ice. Warming it up brings out a big hit of umami, as well.Try it with rich meat dishes.

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