Sakai Shuzo

Flavor and brand vision

Gokyo is the essential Yamaguchi sake. It sells over 70% of its production within Yamaguchi prefecture, and is available at every restaurant, grocery store, and even convenience store around. It offers a huge variety of full flavored sake across all class levels.

Techniques and style

Gokyo head brewer Fumihiko Nakama guides his staff through essentially every variety of brewing method. Kimoto, yamahai, bodaimoto, sokujō, everything. However, the brewer’s personal favorite is brewing traditional kimoto sake in wooden tanks. The standard kiokezukuri junmai is the perfect example of this.


All of Gokyo’s rice is grown in Yamaguchi prefecture. The brewery has its own agricultural arm, as well, but cannot yet supply all of its own rice. The water for brewing is some of the softest in Yamaguchi prefecture, and comes from wells drawing the underground flow of the Nishiki river.

Recommended temperatures and pairing

Gokyo sake has a huge variety, and most of its sake is versatile—it can be drunk chilled, room temperature, or warm. Its basic Junmaishu is great around 40 degrees C, and pairs well with salt-grilled fish or hot mustard lotus root.

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